Build A Nice Looking Admin Panel In A Blink.

A Lightweight Admin Panel Components With Tailwindcss & Vue.



It is small because it depends on Tailwindcss. It can become even tinier using PurgeCSS.

Components based

It uses utility classes to build components and no need to edit a CSS file to modify them.

Deliver in time

It can help you build admin panels in a matter of minutes instead of writing the same code over and over.

Open source

The entire project is MIT licensed. You can use it as you wish and for free.

Copy paste

You don't need to clone the repository to start. Just copy, paste, and edit it the way you want.

Fully customizable

You can always easily change the style and the colors of a component using tailwind color classes.


It is responsive to use from small screens to large screens with no trouble.


You can support us by adding more components to the library. You can make a pull request any time.